SimCity BuildIt Review

Awesome game if you like tedium.

If you want to play on easy or normal, then you’re golden; get the game, it’s a lot of fun.

If you want any kind of challenge whatsoever, then prepare yourself for hours of grinding at every single level up, or tremendous amounts of micro transactions. On nightmare, you need leveled up gear if you want the harder fights to be reasonably challenging rather than litterally impossible, and leveling your gear costs a lot of money and lot of resources, which are very very tedius to farm. Oh and dont pay for your simcash, just get it for free here: Sim City BuildIt Hack and cheats

Keep in mind that the micro transactions aren’t too bad for gear, but they’re absurd for resources; it costs exactly 20 bucks to upgrade one piece of the microtransaction legendary gear from 1 to 14; multiply that by 7, and you’ve got a full set of gear. At lower levels, it’ll take dozens of hours to farm that, if it’s even possible, the rare portions of the mat requirements don’t seem to drop very often at level 14.

To sum it up, if you want to play on easy or normal, you’ll love Sim City BuildIt; if you want it to be challenging, and also enjoy tremendous amounts of tedium or want to spend thousands on micro transactions, you’ll love the game.

Überprüfung der Spotify App

Im Laufe der Jahre war das Spotify Mobile App nur für Nutzer von Spotify Premium zur Verfügung, aber der Service hat jetzt eine mobile Musik weltweit eröffnet. Alle Anwendungen sind einfach zu bedienen, zuverlässig, auf dem iPhone OS, Android und Windows Phone. Es ist nicht für einen signifikanten Unterschied zwischen den IOS und Android-Versionen verwendet, aber jetzt mag. 2018 April, Android verwendet einen bunten Blöcke im Browse-Seite. Sie haben vier grundlegenden Ansatz auf der Suche nach Musikformen. Verwenden Sie die Scan-Funktion können Sie ganz einfach eine Liste finden auf der Grundlage dieser Umgebung und konservativ spielen. Mit Radio Wiedergabelisten, aber wieder, sie sind ein Genre basiert als eine Matrix von virtuellen Radiosendern. Sie können für Künstler manuell suchen, was wir am Ende tun. Oder Sie können in die Bibliothek gehen, die eher wie digitale Musiksammlung von der alten Schule umgehen können. Zurück im Jahr 2015, hat Spotify einen Podcast für Service hinzugefügt. Wie auch immer der Podcast mag seltsam erscheinen, wenn eine Bewegung frei ist, Spotify nur die Audio-Anwendung sein will, die Sie verwenden. In normalen Anwendungen, abonnieren Podcasts zu einem Podcast. Doch nach der ‚sie, und einer aktuellen Folge erscheint er in ungespielt Podcasts‘ der Spotify-Anwendung. Sie geolrinneun Podcasts sind noch nicht bereit, eine spezielle Anwendung zu ändern, aber sind eine interessante Option für diejenigen, die die Anzahl der Anwendungen, die Sie jeden Tag Funktion verwenden, schneiden möchten. Spotify ist die gleiche Art und Weise kann ich eine Liste empfehlen, was es fühlt sich an wie zu spielen, so achten Sie auf die Podcasts, die Sie mögen. Auch er empfiehlt Podcasts und einzelne Episoden, so dass Sie, dass, wie die Geschichte und Spiel Nachrichten und politische Interesse wählen können. Spotify Connect ist eine der wichtigsten Funktionen für die drahtlosen Lautsprecher, die mit Wi-Fi-Funktion kompatibel ist. Es unterstützt die meisten der drahtlosen Modell, das Sie Musik direkt von ihnen mobile Anwendungen und Desktop Spotify streamen. Es ist ähnlich wie Spotify oder AirPlay Apple-Version von Google Cast. Und wenn Sie ein Lautsprecher, aber Bluetooth ist nicht nur ein Problem der Übertragung aller Audiosignale von Ihrem Mobiltelefon über Bluetooth mit Wi-Fi. Lautsprecher kann auf eine Bestätigung SpotifyGear gerichtet werden, wenn sie unterstützt Spotify Connect.  Bekommt ihr spotify premium kostenlos

Bo4 Mobile ios and android Review

Great game, buggy but it could be the best shooter of the year. Its like escape from tarkov and battlefield put together. Love it, deep amount of customazation and the game will only get better with time. One of the few early access games to hit the mark from the start.

This game is Amazing for not being complete. It runs better than battlefield 4 did at launch of xbox one. Graphics are great and im sure there are going to be more textures added in. The character and weapon customization is amazing. The team work and gameplay were great, also for when i played i had no issue with servers. I did notice som fps lag here and there so im sure some optimizing needs to be done. Over all get this game while its 28 bucks and enjoy it and just watch it get better. Here is how you get it for free too:

BO4 is very fun, as far as I see they have fixed the server connection problems, but depending on server load it may take a bit to join a game. This game will put other shooters of the same genre to shame when all the kinks are worked out, I am very very pleased with the custimization.

My BO4 Mobile Review

So Black ops 4 is released last Friday. I got my chance to play the mobile version of the game which comes with zombies, blackout and multiplayer! Here is how you get it for free if you’re wondering:

So far a really big fan of the new FPS direction that they are taking the series in.
Good graphics
Amazing story
Combat is satisfying and engaging
Black flag like navel combat returns but sadly no cannons
tons of content some of it meh and other parts of it amazing but you will get your moneys worth out of this game.

Poor PC optimization
Game can feel like a grind* but for me personally I enjoyed the side content and the game only started to feel grindy once I got to around level 43 out of the 50 levels.
The first five hours are really great, Black Ops 4 is beautiful and authentic and the exploration is great and u get your moneys worth kinda but heres a question and a answer if u should buy it for 60.

My BO4 Review

Yes the new COD will be coming out this Friday. I actually got the game for free from GameStop, luckily the online is working completely! Here is my little review on my thoughts so far!

If you are just some random gamer just looking to pick up your first FPS then this game seriously is not for you. This game was aimed at more hardcore FPS fans which is why I have to give this game a thumbs down even if I want to give it a mixed opinion because for the average person this game probably isn’t going to be worth it. That’s not to say that this is a bad game because it’s not bad in the slightest, it’s just not good enough for the average person to pick it up and enjoy it. If you guys are low on cash I’d recommend just downloading it for free here (legally)

I suggest that you watch a stream, gameplay review, or a let’s play before buying COD: BO4 because this is not like the first in the series either. So keep that in mind when you decide to buy this game. I also put the game on the second hardest difficulty and was pretty much being forced to cheese my way through most fights which was very frustrating. It gets kinda better as you get good gear and stats but early on it’s extremely difficult so keep that in mind as well if you are new to FPSs that you should not be cranking up the difficulty.

+ Good game
+ Well written
+ Great character progression
+ Strategic boss fights
+ Impressive voiceacting

Free fortnite skins guide

major difference between fortnite and blackout is that you can’t build shelter in blackout in fortnite landing means grabbing loot as quickly as possible and then immediately going ham on the building so you can collect but with no build Dynamic blackout means there’s no requisite two minutes of material gather and some of us are tired of going for Max would only be snipe II we answer the first safety Circle it does seem to be slightly harder to find a gun on Black at which makes it wise to master other items such as blackout you can also carry additional items once you find an equivalent backpack and option not available in fortnite while this means the game requires a bit more tactical organization and also means you have more to choose from in your 11th Hour when you’re down to the final groups these differences lead to a significantly different gameplay spaces in building covering for tonight in black out you’ll find more ducking crawling and worming around on the ground like a worm overall blackout commands much more realistic game play in the environment allows you to be specific about where you choose to build and how to move around the environment and blackout none of this is possible so you better set up your truck to have a good idea as to how to get past those major barriers before the storm destroyed you for night has things we love like campfires traps bounce pads and rips however Call of Duty has perks what you can Equip to set off limited capabilities for set amount of time he’s proved to be very valuable take that islands for example which allows you to move quietly and make less noise you also have to love that blackout gives you a variety of ways to customize your weapons because you can mod the heck out of your gun it means that a relatively crappy pistol can be modded to offer a full-blown tactical Advantage all these differences mean the games play much, fortnite compared to bo4 – well you can get free skins on fortnite here: galaxy skin free

differently take for example the early game mid game an endgame differences because your character in Black Cat seems to move a lot faster this seems to accelerate really gameplay it feels like you’re moving fast and surrounded by action even when you’re not as for mid-game and abundance of commuting options means you’re far less likely to find yourself extremely far from the next circle with no chance of making it there in time all the boat alone is enough to remind us how much we hate trying to cross loot Lake you can also steal a freaking helicopter GTA style as the game pushes on you’ll also find more strategic value in hiding out as you’ll never be in a situation where you lost simply because someone could have build you the endgame seems so much more slow though as there’s no way to build to an advantage so the goal is to focus on using the environments and items in your possession as much as possible other minor but important differences change the end game as well so just how quickly you can pop

Fortnite – Are you going to get the Dire Werewolf skin?

like when whenever you we have cold Seasons here I feel like probably late November December we might have snow that be really really cool I feel like snow is perfectly doable in this game I feel like if not snow that we could probably even have a PO I would snow there’s been a bunch of like fan-made map so you guys are seeing that pretty much there’s like this map and then here the corner somewhere on here there’s like a snow cap cover the entire portion of this map and I think that’s very possible maybe last year wasn’t cuz maybe they didn’t have the funds or maybe they just didn’t want to spend their time on doing that because for that wasn’t that big yet but now that the whole world is watching maybe now they said hey f*** it let’s let’s the let’s just give them what they want and last year people said damn there’s no snow in for tonight and one of the many things that people I’ve been wanting aside from a desert area this game a winter snow area and I think it’s going to be coming into fortnite eventually I do feel like this is something that will get to be seen in the future again it’s. With season 6 upon us, you can actually get it for free here: season 6 battle pass

All Phases I do feel like for night is going to be completely completely different this year around there was last year last year the holiday seasons were really freaking cool and for tonight I do feel like this year again the games bigger it’s better we might be seeing a bunch of new different skins a lot of people wants to go super back and go cheaper back I mean we probably see those skins back maybe we even see the the male and female version of those like to go Troopers of female maybe we see the mail run in the store cheaper so maybe we’ll see the female or maybe we see something even better maybe we can but I’m going to make it I’m going to disconnect them because honestly if if I don’t collect them I just don’t feel right okay I just spend like a good 2 minutes of my life doing the stupid bridge if you have seen extra ones that we are missing in this video

New Assassins Creed Game Review

This is a fantastic game and I will keep in mind I’m not even 20 hours in and something could happen that changes my opinion. In that scenario, I will edit my review, but on to the meat of it.

There are plenty of contrasting reviews about Assassins Creed Odyssey and I don’t know if any of them are necessarily right or wrong. The normal difficulty (and up) feels to have been made for someone who has experience in both the AC Series. The game provides resources to read further on rules, terms, and additional technical parts of the mechanics for those who wish to delve into it without prior knowledge of the system.

My main concern is in general, people are not 100% sure what they are jumping into. What I take the reviews to mean is people either don’t have AC experience, or they don’t have Open World experience. These people are choosing to jump in on Normal or above difficulty and are running into what seem like unfair situations. I would recommend to this crowd to play the first 5-10 hours on Easy and learn the game and it’s mechanics, because there is plenty it does not teach you outright. Now you before you jump in and purchase this game, watch this video first: get assassins creed odyssey for free

In regard to the over-tuned enemies… I admit I have no idea what a group of low level bandits are doing with masterwork gear and how they have any 18s in their stat blocks, but that is more my realism trying to make sense of things. I have run into a few of the mentioned enemies and either I was able to defeat them or I decided I needed to come back after a short time after I had attained more gear or maybe another level.

Lastly, I want to speak on the characters. I have only just met them but I enjoy almost all of them. They seem to each have an interesting background (with maybe one or two being cliche) and I’m looking forward to getting to know almost every single one. Almost as in it’s more personal that I don’t care for one or two of them, not that they are poorly made.

Fortnite Beginner’s Guide – Season 6 Guide

This indicates you will want to continuously be on the lookout for Toolboxes and other objects that you can search, as you will require to be in a position to develop new weapons from your Schematics when you require them.

Assault Rifles are some of the very best weapons in the game, even if you can only discover a Typical. But a SCAR is arguably the single very best weapon for most occasions.

Share supplies like shield potions and bandages to assist every other, and usually be there to revive every other. Be conscious of other players coming as packs to ambush you, in contrast to in solo. Also, open doors inform other people that somebody has been via the developing currently, so do not give away your position unnecessarily by leaving them ajar. It is also worth considering about how you reduce down trees on your quest for sources as well. If you don’t have the money for Season 6 battle pass, you can always just use a guide on youtube to get it for free: free season 6 battle pass

The tactical SMG is regarded the very best choice by most players, so use that 1 if you can discover it. When you have got a nicely-ready fort constructed, drop some BluGlo in the McGuffin you are guarding to summon the zombies. Do not get complacent throughout the fight be certain to continually preserve and adapt your fort.

If this hyperlink does not function, then the game might not be accessible in your nation just however. Step 3: As soon as the app is installed, it ought to open automatically.

Also be cautious about getting into buildings exactly where enemies may be hiding out with shotguns. Getting into buildings becomes much more harmful more than time simply because you are much more most likely to run into harm traps that had been laid earlier.

Apart from an additional group landing in the exact same location that is. Make certain you contact out what home you are going to take when you go in so you have 1 every, then all converge on the remaining home.

Here’s how the procedure functions. The newest Fortnite Week six challenge tasks players with Searching exactly where the Stone Heads are searching in order to find the secret Battle Star. Football with rockets anybody? Envision a Port-a-fort. Now envision it a lot bigger total with an exit technique. That is essentially what the new Legendary consumable is.

As these websites come to our interest, we pursue takedown efforts with the websites themselves, the relevant hosting providers, and any advertisements or videos that market them. At particular occasions, players get a warning that the “storm eye” is about to shrink, creating the playable region smaller sized. The playable zone continues to shrink incrementally till “the storm” consumes the whole map.

Two Epic Buddies are convinced that the rocket that is been gradually counting down is going to do some severe harm to the map we all adore (and hate).

We’ll show you what we believe about “No Dancing” indicators! Fortunately, there are a lot much more than 5 forbidden dancing spots scattered across the map, so the exact same spots will not usually be swarming with players attempting to dance.

If you do not have any cover then all you have to do is bust out some blueprints and make it your self. Wood, brick and steel can be formed into a quantity of various structures, every with their personal durability. With some fairly wild fan theories so far about what Season six will bring, the studio themselves are promising an additional massive occasion is on the way to get players hyped up!

They each continue to battle it out for height supremacy with Sypher lastly in a position to get the upper-hand. He utilizes this benefit to take out sufficient structure and drops Myth to his doom.

It was a fairly cool season three veteran skin, and it was on the road to fame as it was by no means going to be accessible once more, and they determine to totally alter courses and place it in the shop!

I think they are performing genuine time chat by way of Discord when playing, which is most likely how my kid knows his peers had been up all evening. It is mainly children who have computer systems in their rooms and couple of screen time limitations.

Quad HD (2960 by 1440) Super AMOLED show is no exception. Sadly, Epic Games downgraded Fortnite’s graphical fidelity on Android, as it did with the iOS version. On consoles, players can join a lobby of buddies prior to they play. This enables them to mute other players and just speak to individuals they know. The well-liked Battle Royale mode is totally free to play.

Can PS4 Crossplay with Xbox 1 on Fortnite? With the implementation of cross-platform play in Fortnite, numerous players are questioning whether or not PS4 and Xbox 1 customers can play with each other as nicely. Understanding how, when, and exactly where to develop are important when competing for a Victory Royale. Gameplay in Battle Royale is marked by seasons.

Do not get caught out in the open with out sufficient sources in your backpack to develop an emergency shelter if it is required. Season five of Fortnite is lastly right here with much more characters, emotes and much more for you to play with!

This could outcome in your account becoming banned from the game, and potentially losing products you have paid for with genuine cash. Modified apps can also function in unintended methods, and could also trigger issues with your device.

Smallfoot Movie Review

I have played this movie for some hours on the PS4 already and actually enjoyed it a lot. So I decided to give this movie a run on my linux after the drop of SteamPlay. It didn’t start from the beginning without creating a symbolic  to the newer version of the library but after that I could run it. Smallfoot brings a great sense of animation and awesomeness to the big screen. Now how can you watch smallfoot? Easy a channel on youtube shows you: watch smallfoot online

But the controls are way more problematic. Using the mouse to aim the ranged attacks is so bad that it hurts. You have no visual cursor, so you don’t know where you’re mouse even is. Then I think the direction your mouse is moved determines which direction you want to aim but it’s super-sensitive. So if you just touch it a little in any different direction the aim flips its direction in worst case around 180°. This is just sick and it’s probably just a real bad port from joystick to mouse without thinking about the actual movieplay. I recommend: “Don’t play it without a moviepad or controller! This movie is not supported for a mouse!”

But this leads me to the next problem. The Steam-controller isn’t working through Proton for this movie or maybe it’s not working in genereal – I don’t know exactly. I can bind the buttons and joysticks to keyboard and mouse (the aiming gets a little better as using the mouse) but it’s still feeling wrong. You can not bind the A-button to the ENTER-key for menus and to the MOUSE1-button for the combat the same time. I don’t even know why the bindings for PC are so much more splitted than on the PS4. Whoever made this PC-port (especially the controls) needed way more time or should earn way less money – it’s horrible that it just makes the movie itself worse. I would actually like to play it but it’s frustrating to do so.