Fortnite ps3 download guide – How to play fortnite on your ps3 console!

Fortnite is Great! Has bugs beyond belief but overall if your DayZ fan then this game is worth the buy, its alot more fasted paced with getting loot and PVP but I think its for the better. DayZ the problem is I dont have time to go loot for 40 mins and then die right after getting it, then run back inland to do it all over again. 7/10 because I hate the fame system and people being able to spawn back on each other, and the dsynce needs to be fixed asap.

In my honest opinion, this game has the potential to be really good, I’ve put just over 50 hours into it messing around on my friends server and a bit on RP servers aswell as single player and I enjoy it alot more than any other survival game I’ve played so far. I can’t wait to see what else the implement into the game, hopefully this game does well. I’d love to see it thrive. Oh and you can actually play it on the old consoles if you follow this guide: fortnite ps3 download

Still very buggy, unoptimized, and not fun. Though I am pretty sure this will turn out to be a very good game “IF” the developers continue to update it. Games that are ambitious like this are prone to abandonment which breaks my heart. And also please add a FRIKKEN tutorial!

very nice game so far, gets a lottle broing after the first 20 hours but the devs are really dedicated and i can see this game getting contant major updates that will make this game one of the best survival games out there, highly recommend but u may have to wait a bit for more content ( for perspective: the current map is only 25% the size of the final map planned)

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