Bo4 Mobile ios and android Review

Great game, buggy but it could be the best shooter of the year. Its like escape from tarkov and battlefield put together. Love it, deep amount of customazation and the game will only get better with time. One of the few early access games to hit the mark from the start.

This game is Amazing for not being complete. It runs better than battlefield 4 did at launch of xbox one. Graphics are great and im sure there are going to be more textures added in. The character and weapon customization is amazing. The team work and gameplay were great, also for when i played i had no issue with servers. I did notice som fps lag here and there so im sure some optimizing needs to be done. Over all get this game while its 28 bucks and enjoy it and just watch it get better. Here is how you get it for free too:

BO4 is very fun, as far as I see they have fixed the server connection problems, but depending on server load it may take a bit to join a game. This game will put other shooters of the same genre to shame when all the kinks are worked out, I am very very pleased with the custimization.

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