Elder Scrolls Blades iOS and Android Review

Elder Scrolls Blades is of course, very solid. Its fun to hunt, isnt too complicated to craft, and there are plenty of people to play with. Some actions from previous ES games have either been changed or streamlined, like drinking a potion, for easier encounters with monsters as you cannot run away to a new area since there are no load screens or screen transitions

The world itself is very nice. Each map is very interesting and fun to be in, and breathtaking to say the least.

The monsters are very cool. You’ve got things that look like raptors and t-rex’s to demonic dogs and bloaty-bats… and dragons/wyverns too of course. (though everything is called a dragon or wyvern for some reason)

It runs great on my Deluxe Blasting Toaster, even with Denuvo or whatever its called. If my PC was a little stronger it could easily run it higher than 60fps, but as it is now it barley runs it at 60fps, which of course isnt a real problem as on console (the original releases of the game) it was locked at 30fps. It looks better and the DRM really isnt holding it back, though it would be nice if it wasnt there at all, but this being the ES Team’s first PC release I cant blame them for wanting to keep thier product safe from piracy, even if in the long run it doesnt ultimatly work. Now if you are wanting to play it for free (download on your mobile device) watch this youtube guide:

All in all, Its a very good game, worth the price as I’ve bought it on Xbone and PC now, things are streamlined for better gameplay, monsters are great, gameplay is great, the world is great, and it runs great.

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