Fortnite 2018 September Review [UPDATED]

I have about 140 hours into Fortnite, and intend to invest much more. I have to downvote this because it is quite botched in its state, however there is just little better right now and will be sure to reflect positive changes made to the game if we get any. Here are the reasons why I think the game is designed to frustrate players.

A bit of information about my rig. I am running a custom watercooling loop using a 1080 and 7820x processor. My SSD is a Corsair Neutron Series NX500, which benches much faster than regular SSD’s and will be important for information in my review.

Awful PC controls
The first thing that I noticed when I launched this game is that the cursor does not move when I move my hand. I am not dead set on hardware cursors, however the lag between the movement of my mouse is extremely noticable. You never get used to this problem and I would downvote this game if this were its only issue. When clicking on menu buttons it really doesn’t matter if your mouse is over them, it matters that the game has recognized movement over it. This is terrible programming for button activation. In general the UI is clunky with no common sense binds. In some instances escape will allow you to customize your loadouts, often right click exits menus, shift takes you out on the map. These are all buttons that I cant imagine anyone thats played a PC game before choosing for these actions and there are plenty more similar to this. The UI is fairly aweful. I often get stuck trying to do what I want even after 140 hours, pointing out my failures this late in adopting the games awful controls. I should mention that these can at least be rebound, but after a delayed launch there is really nothing that can explain this quite alpha release. Oh and you can generate free skins on Fortnite, kind of sad…… These youtube videos actually show you how to do it: How to get the GALAXY skin for FREE in Fortnite

Performance issues
Ill start by stating that I play the game at 4k, which is probably a majority of my problems. With the hardware that I’ve listed above I drop below 20 FPS at non high settings. The Teostra fight seems very difficult for the game to render, and the graphics aren’t exactly crysis level. Even installed directly on my otherwise very fast SSD maps seem rediculously slow to load. I have had more success playing this on a weaker laptop with smaller resolution than my very strong gaming rig, which is upsetting.

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