Fortnite – Are you going to get the Dire Werewolf skin?

like when whenever you we have cold Seasons here I feel like probably late November December we might have snow that be really really cool I feel like snow is perfectly doable in this game I feel like if not snow that we could probably even have a PO I would snow there’s been a bunch of like fan-made map so you guys are seeing that pretty much there’s like this map and then here the corner somewhere on here there’s like a snow cap cover the entire portion of this map and I think that’s very possible maybe last year wasn’t cuz maybe they didn’t have the funds or maybe they just didn’t want to spend their time on doing that because for that wasn’t that big yet but now that the whole world is watching maybe now they said hey f*** it let’s let’s the let’s just give them what they want and last year people said damn there’s no snow in for tonight and one of the many things that people I’ve been wanting aside from a desert area this game a winter snow area and I think it’s going to be coming into fortnite eventually I do feel like this is something that will get to be seen in the future again it’s. With season 6 upon us, you can actually get it for free here: season 6 battle pass

All Phases I do feel like for night is going to be completely completely different this year around there was last year last year the holiday seasons were really freaking cool and for tonight I do feel like this year again the games bigger it’s better we might be seeing a bunch of new different skins a lot of people wants to go super back and go cheaper back I mean we probably see those skins back maybe we even see the the male and female version of those like to go Troopers of female maybe we see the mail run in the store cheaper so maybe we’ll see the female or maybe we see something even better maybe we can but I’m going to make it I’m going to disconnect them because honestly if if I don’t collect them I just don’t feel right okay I just spend like a good 2 minutes of my life doing the stupid bridge if you have seen extra ones that we are missing in this video

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