Fortnite – Can I play with my friends on playstation yet? Someone on youtube did it!

This game is an absolute beauty and feels like a completed game as I last had a long play run when it was in Early Access.

You can play single player, or play with friends on a wide variety of Fortnite gameplay. All with different climates and stories with a wide array of famous and some less well known Pre-historic fauna to fight off and tame. The settings are very customizable, which you can mould to the playstyle you want. Currently having a great time in single player as there is always challenges to overcome, a constant feel of progression. Always ups and downs and does not get stale, especially with the amount of mods avaliable. You can cross between Fortnite with the same character and dinos whenever you please, but you can’t crossplay because of sony….. although I found this video that shows you actually how to do it: Fortnite Crossplay WORKING PS4 with Xbox! 😄 How to Cross Platform Play Fortnite Tutorial & Guide!

I would avoid the offical servers to begin with as they can be VERY time consuming and have an extreme risk of that time consuming work being destroyed if you are on PVP. Please DONT be put off by the parade of people who had a bad time on official PVP and then instantly place a negative review because of that solitary experience, because they should have known what they were getting into. There are tons of unofficial servers, PVP and PVE with friendly communities that regulate themselves. I personally prefer those with faster tame,xp and harvest rates (3-5x), So you can get stuck in right away, but not making it too easy for yourself if they were for example at 10x.

If you are playing single player or own a server, you can roll back a save to alleviate the trouble that bugs can give you or your friends.

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