Fortnite Cross Play XBox and ps4 review!

Fortnite is a great game, however this is a bad pc port. The game is unecessarily demanding and the visual quality of the game does not justify such a bad performance. It is difficult to reach 60 fps with medium graphic settings and even when I set the graphics to low I would still experience frame drops. Having seen other people play the game with very high end pcs, I could see that they could reach 60fps, but there still were semi-frequent ~5fps drops. I hope Capcom will take another look at this game and try to improve the performance, but unless that happens I cannot recommend this game to anyone.

Finally get a pc title! No more 1 min load times on the ps4! 2-5 second loads on an older ssd is great. Game is more of the same with a few changes. Some of the changes are great (story mode and multiplayer mode are the same now, auto turning raw mats into consumables, in game guide for monster weak zones and elemental resit etc) and some bad (rip old greatsword you will be missed, investigation farming is awful, instead of gq grind it’s just elder grinidng for rare decos). If you want to cross play fortnite effectively, you must follow this youtube guide: How to Cross Platform Play Fortnite Tutorial!


The game itself is great. If you are a fan of the series this is an obvious buy. I feel like most people know the series or have watched something so not going to go into too much detail here.


The pc port sucks. Flat out. I5 4690k 780ti and I get 45-55 fps generally at 1080p on medium settings. Had a fight with Teostra tonight and my fps dropped from 40 to 10-15 when he did novas or the blast ring. Buddy with a 980 and a newer i7 dropped to 20-30 fps in the same zone.


Volume metric rendering is a 15-20 fps loss in one setting and frankly makes the game look worse. Why in the world is it even in the game? A lot of textures look bad and there is a ton of pop in still. Also have some stuttering issues in the last zone of the game.

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