Fortnite review september 2018

Single Player is amazing.
Multiplayer is okay but has room for improvement.

Fortnite is an amazing game for doing exactly what the title tells you. While at times it is a bit too obviously a console port with its incredibly awkward default keybindings or it not making use of the keyboard having, y´know, lots of keys, and making you first press one key to bring up your hotkeyd items bar and then another key to actually use something on it instead of having just one step for this or actually having changing bindings for the same actio thoughrout the game, left click for interacting with things in town and right click outside of town, what?
None of these things take away from the fact that it is great to finally be able to play a battle royale game with my mouse and keyboard instead of always being forced to have to deal with a controller. That said I would certainly hope that in the future more effort is put into making the PC version of the game at least feel like they tried changing it somewhat to adjust for it not being on a console. That being said you need skins in fortnite, or you’re a noob. Here is the best way if you are low on cash: FREE Fortnite Skins?!?! 🔥 How to get FREE Skins in Fortnite! How to get the Galaxy Skin!

As for the gameplay, it is amazing to be able to fight other playerson a big screen after several battle royale games on the 3ds though after having played the ultimate versions of the previous games Fortnites does feel a little bit lacking in the amount of players who are good and would certainly be helped by having at least 5-10 more enemys or even just subspecies that are different enough to the current players. That said none of this takes away from the joy of fighting the other players to get that Victory Royale! that are in the game currently.

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