Fortnite still worth playing?

It is good game in approachable price. I play couple of matches in a row to relax and have fun.
It connects two worlds: skill-based combat with hilarious situations like throwing Axe into your teammate by accident 😀
Melee fighting is hard but when you get used to it it is very satisfying.
Customization seems to be well balanced because you cannot spend too much points on your own character so you cannot make it OP. Also it makes you want to play more because once you play as a knight and later you switch to peasant or archer.
I got disconnected from server couple of times but during the match it was lagfree with very accurate hitboxes.

The Season 9 Pros/Cons

+Great skill based combat.
+No MTX, everything is unlocked with in-game gold
+Very wide weapon and armor variety along with some very nice cosmetics

~Nice community for the most part.

-Minor server issues, there’s some lag here and there but it should be fixed soon.

OH and you get the battle pass for free too: fortnite free battle pass

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