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major difference between fortnite and blackout is that you can’t build shelter in blackout in fortnite landing means grabbing loot as quickly as possible and then immediately going ham on the building so you can collect but with no build Dynamic blackout means there’s no requisite two minutes of material gather and some of us are tired of going for Max would only be snipe II we answer the first safety Circle it does seem to be slightly harder to find a gun on Black at which makes it wise to master other items such as blackout you can also carry additional items once you find an equivalent backpack and option not available in fortnite while this means the game requires a bit more tactical organization and also means you have more to choose from in your 11th Hour when you’re down to the final groups these differences lead to a significantly different gameplay spaces in building covering for tonight in black out you’ll find more ducking crawling and worming around on the ground like a worm overall blackout commands much more realistic game play in the environment allows you to be specific about where you choose to build and how to move around the environment and blackout none of this is possible so you better set up your truck to have a good idea as to how to get past those major barriers before the storm destroyed you for night has things we love like campfires traps bounce pads and rips however Call of Duty has perks what you can Equip to set off limited capabilities for set amount of time he’s proved to be very valuable take that islands for example which allows you to move quietly and make less noise you also have to love that blackout gives you a variety of ways to customize your weapons because you can mod the heck out of your gun it means that a relatively crappy pistol can be modded to offer a full-blown tactical Advantage all these differences mean the games play much, fortnite compared to bo4 – well you can get free skins on fortnite here: galaxy skin free

differently take for example the early game mid game an endgame differences because your character in Black Cat seems to move a lot faster this seems to accelerate really gameplay it feels like you’re moving fast and surrounded by action even when you’re not as for mid-game and abundance of commuting options means you’re far less likely to find yourself extremely far from the next circle with no chance of making it there in time all the boat alone is enough to remind us how much we hate trying to cross loot Lake you can also steal a freaking helicopter GTA style as the game pushes on you’ll also find more strategic value in hiding out as you’ll never be in a situation where you lost simply because someone could have build you the endgame seems so much more slow though as there’s no way to build to an advantage so the goal is to focus on using the environments and items in your possession as much as possible other minor but important differences change the end game as well so just how quickly you can pop

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