Free PS Plus Guide

For an early access game this is pretty good, and they still have a bunch of stuff not added in yet. I like this type of game and im excited to see where it goes from here. So far so good.

Found a bottle of vodka in game drank the whole thing , litteraly got drunk in game seeing double trying to snipe people .

yes its third person but if you cant see them in first they are invisable in third , kinda weird but ehh kinda cool at the same time.

the game is very slow paced if someone hears you i would expect them to camp, people are very patient in this game i mean you can spend a hour or 2 getting everything you want and lose it in 1 sec with a head shot. It’s an awesome game for the playstation 4 device, but you need ps plus membership… although you can get it for free here: free ps plus

the only thing i dont like about the game is characters are server based, so you get xp to lvl skills like endurance , sniping … ect.. well that doesnt transfer to another server . so WARNING pick a server WISELY.

ppl complain about desync and stuff personal i have no problem , pick a server with good ping . the only time that was a issue for me is on player owned servers that havent restarted in a while and relogging myself worked or just had to stick it out until a admin manual but i only run offical servers anymore seem to be more realiable.

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