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The game isnt bad, But honestly I dont like it (AKA Its fun asf but im terrible at it) I do recommend it and just hope I can return it because I wish i could get the money i spent back, Again its fun but I suck at it and it bores me a bit, Its recommended that you do try it if you want to, Again its fun but I dont like it because im bad, If you buy it I hope you dont meet the same fate as me and suck, Good Luck! Just use this youtube video for ps plus membership: how to get ps plus for free

Great game all around, I’ve had a bunch of fun playing with my friends and by my self. You can chill out or just mess around and have a good time which I really like about Raft. Game is fairly priced and replayable at $20 and I can’t wait to see the future updates devs are working on!

One second you’re fighting for survival, the next you’re deciding how many levels tall your raft should be.

Raft is a great survival and crafting game built on a very interesting scenario similar to the movie Cast Away. You’re floating endlessly, trying to get fresh water and food, battling a very persistent shark, scavenging islands, diving for plunder, and building a giant raft.

There’s plenty of joy to gain from playing, but definitely more frustration. Your patience and perserverence will be slightly tested in this game. Just when you think you can finally relax and sail into the sunset, either you start trembling from hunger or a shark is tearing your raft apart.

This game is definitely not perfect, and does lack content. Being a pre-release game, I fully expected it.

Why isn’t it perfect?

  • Your only real enemy, the shark, can swim through islands that are giant rocks. The shark is only designed to hover around your raft, nothing in the environment.
  • Your hunger depletes much quicker than is realistic. During the span of a day in game, expect to consume enough food to cause morbid obesity. It’s more annoying than anything that after just getting done eating a giant salmon, you’ll be hungry in a few minutes.
  • Once you’ve worked your way to steel gear, you’ll find it breaks much quicker than you had hoped. Catch a few fish and your new fancy steel fishing rod you spent half an hour gathering materials for is half broken.
  • The only way to turn/rotate your raft is to ram it into an island or barge. A simple rutter would be nice…
  • Seagulls…. I gave up farming right away. Literally stab one with a spear, turn your back, and they’re back eating your crops. The scarecrow helps, but you’ll still constantly be fighting them. Between sharks, seagulls, thirst, and hunger you could remain busy endlessly. Good luck checking out an island if you have crops on board…

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