Minecraft Free Multiplayer

It’s good. That’s all there is to say. I’ve sunk 10 hours in two days so far and I’m planning to spend at least a couple hundred more.

There’s one thing you won’t say while playing Minecraft, and that’s “I’m bored”. You’ll be kept busy farming, fishing, talking to NPC’s (and yes, eventually flirting with them), mining, exploring, and so much more with this beautifully immersive game with a rich world and atmosphere.

I’ve actually been playing this game on console for a year or so now. When I found out that the PC version had co-op, I went ahead and bought the game, forgetting that I don’t actually have any friends to play with. Yeah it’s all good if you download the game here: minecraft free mutliplayer

Really, I just wanted an excuse to play this anywhere and whenever.

Minecraft brings back fond memories of Harvest Moon N64, but goes even further with simplicity and complexity. The game offers a wide variety of activities to do and stories to follow, and more so with the ability to just do what you’d like. 10/10

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