My BO4 Mobile Review

So Black ops 4 is released last Friday. I got my chance to play the mobile version of the game which comes with zombies, blackout and multiplayer! Here is how you get it for free if you’re wondering:

So far a really big fan of the new FPS direction that they are taking the series in.
Good graphics
Amazing story
Combat is satisfying and engaging
Black flag like navel combat returns but sadly no cannons
tons of content some of it meh and other parts of it amazing but you will get your moneys worth out of this game.

Poor PC optimization
Game can feel like a grind* but for me personally I enjoyed the side content and the game only started to feel grindy once I got to around level 43 out of the 50 levels.
The first five hours are really great, Black Ops 4 is beautiful and authentic and the exploration is great and u get your moneys worth kinda but heres a question and a answer if u should buy it for 60.

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