My BO4 Review

Yes the new COD will be coming out this Friday. I actually got the game for free from GameStop, luckily the online is working completely! Here is my little review on my thoughts so far!

If you are just some random gamer just looking to pick up your first FPS then this game seriously is not for you. This game was aimed at more hardcore FPS fans which is why I have to give this game a thumbs down even if I want to give it a mixed opinion because for the average person this game probably isn’t going to be worth it. That’s not to say that this is a bad game because it’s not bad in the slightest, it’s just not good enough for the average person to pick it up and enjoy it. If you guys are low on cash I’d recommend just downloading it for free here (legally)

I suggest that you watch a stream, gameplay review, or a let’s play before buying COD: BO4 because this is not like the first in the series either. So keep that in mind when you decide to buy this game. I also put the game on the second hardest difficulty and was pretty much being forced to cheese my way through most fights which was very frustrating. It gets kinda better as you get good gear and stats but early on it’s extremely difficult so keep that in mind as well if you are new to FPSs that you should not be cranking up the difficulty.

+ Good game
+ Well written
+ Great character progression
+ Strategic boss fights
+ Impressive voiceacting

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