New Assassins Creed Game Review

This is a fantastic game and I will keep in mind I’m not even 20 hours in and something could happen that changes my opinion. In that scenario, I will edit my review, but on to the meat of it.

There are plenty of contrasting reviews about Assassins Creed Odyssey and I don’t know if any of them are necessarily right or wrong. The normal difficulty (and up) feels to have been made for someone who has experience in both the AC Series. The game provides resources to read further on rules, terms, and additional technical parts of the mechanics for those who wish to delve into it without prior knowledge of the system.

My main concern is in general, people are not 100% sure what they are jumping into. What I take the reviews to mean is people either don’t have AC experience, or they don’t have Open World experience. These people are choosing to jump in on Normal or above difficulty and are running into what seem like unfair situations. I would recommend to this crowd to play the first 5-10 hours on Easy and learn the game and it’s mechanics, because there is plenty it does not teach you outright. Now you before you jump in and purchase this game, watch this video first: get assassins creed odyssey for free

In regard to the over-tuned enemies… I admit I have no idea what a group of low level bandits are doing with masterwork gear and how they have any 18s in their stat blocks, but that is more my realism trying to make sense of things. I have run into a few of the mentioned enemies and either I was able to defeat them or I decided I needed to come back after a short time after I had attained more gear or maybe another level.

Lastly, I want to speak on the characters. I have only just met them but I enjoy almost all of them. They seem to each have an interesting background (with maybe one or two being cliche) and I’m looking forward to getting to know almost every single one. Almost as in it’s more personal that I don’t care for one or two of them, not that they are poorly made.

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