My Black Ops 4 Beta Review!

I’ve played this game on consoles, and would recommend. That said, it doesn’t work on my computer, but it is still good. Unless you like the cod series. If not, play the game if you loved the originals, 3, or New Vegas, which is one of my favorite games ever, along side Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, just, stay away from it. In summary, good shooter and survival game, good call of duty.

The gameplay isn’t bad but the story and writing is pretty terrible. You can make the game somewhat decent by using about 30 mods but otherwise I just don’t think its worth it in vanilla form.

If you have anything buta standard 1080p, 2k or 4k monitor, don’t bother. There’s no support, choosing a non-native, standard resolution won’t get you sane playable results. You’ll be left to use mods or third-party utilities. Some people are willing to put up with this headache. I’m not. Also guys, I forgot to mention you can get your own beta code here: black ops 4 beta code

The decision to completely disable mouse/keyboard input if a controller is so much as connected to your computer when you first start the game is mind boggling for a PC release.

The initial few minutes with this game were so frustrating that I’ve already asked for a refund. I used to have the patience to fiddle with this kind of stuff in order to play a game. I also expect that with time the state of the art should progress, rather than regress.

The last Infinitify ward title I will buy and I’ve been a huge fan since playing MW2 on xbox. I bought my first real gaming pc to play this game. The story and characters are trash. The world itself, as a build, is fun to explore, but lacks a lot of the compelling depth. I played through the main story and collected all the bobbleheads and etc. on two characters and slogged through hundreds of hours of this game for the first few months after release. Then they released survival mode, you know, actual survival mode, not the joke of a survival mode released with the game that I wasted my time playing. I put aside time to play this game when it came out and found I should have waited till they patched it into a finished product post official release. I have retroactively informed myself about all this creators club scumbaggery recently and find myself so disgusted with them that I wouldnt play this game again even if I wanted to.


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The game isnt bad, But honestly I dont like it (AKA Its fun asf but im terrible at it) I do recommend it and just hope I can return it because I wish i could get the money i spent back, Again its fun but I suck at it and it bores me a bit, Its recommended that you do try it if you want to, Again its fun but I dont like it because im bad, If you buy it I hope you dont meet the same fate as me and suck, Good Luck! Just use this youtube video for ps plus membership: how to get ps plus for free

Great game all around, I’ve had a bunch of fun playing with my friends and by my self. You can chill out or just mess around and have a good time which I really like about Raft. Game is fairly priced and replayable at $20 and I can’t wait to see the future updates devs are working on!

One second you’re fighting for survival, the next you’re deciding how many levels tall your raft should be.

Raft is a great survival and crafting game built on a very interesting scenario similar to the movie Cast Away. You’re floating endlessly, trying to get fresh water and food, battling a very persistent shark, scavenging islands, diving for plunder, and building a giant raft.

There’s plenty of joy to gain from playing, but definitely more frustration. Your patience and perserverence will be slightly tested in this game. Just when you think you can finally relax and sail into the sunset, either you start trembling from hunger or a shark is tearing your raft apart.

This game is definitely not perfect, and does lack content. Being a pre-release game, I fully expected it.

Why isn’t it perfect?

  • Your only real enemy, the shark, can swim through islands that are giant rocks. The shark is only designed to hover around your raft, nothing in the environment.
  • Your hunger depletes much quicker than is realistic. During the span of a day in game, expect to consume enough food to cause morbid obesity. It’s more annoying than anything that after just getting done eating a giant salmon, you’ll be hungry in a few minutes.
  • Once you’ve worked your way to steel gear, you’ll find it breaks much quicker than you had hoped. Catch a few fish and your new fancy steel fishing rod you spent half an hour gathering materials for is half broken.
  • The only way to turn/rotate your raft is to ram it into an island or barge. A simple rutter would be nice…
  • Seagulls…. I gave up farming right away. Literally stab one with a spear, turn your back, and they’re back eating your crops. The scarecrow helps, but you’ll still constantly be fighting them. Between sharks, seagulls, thirst, and hunger you could remain busy endlessly. Good luck checking out an island if you have crops on board…

Jurassic World Review

This game KICKS A*S! Thats a fact. I’m writing this review 13 hours in, and i have just compleated chapter 2, “woah only 2 chapters in 13 hours” you may say. well thats Jurassic for you, there are tones of side activites and compelling side stories that is way too easy to get side tracked and loose your “main goal” but thats ok its hella fun, and when your ready to get back into the main game, the story had balls to the wall action, and serious japanese mafia politics, every single aspect of this game just works.
and its true this game is way better with some form of gamepad, altough the full mouse and kebord support is there for binding so if you absolutely must i’m sure you can find settings that work for you.
Visually, the game is a bit of a oddball, the games original intended ps3 release is apparent, with smaller areas and invisable walls, the game is detailed in its world design, but there are no real special graphical options such as lighting and shadows that make it look particularly modern. That being said, the character models are extreemly detailed and very well done even if the animations themselves outside of combat does not match all to well. I have been using some cheats to get all of the food, dna, coins and cash for free just from this youtube video: jurassic world hack

This lack of detail comes with some positives, PREFORMANCE! the game runs really well, on my gtx1060 and i7-6700k,
at first i was experiencing preformance disps and was extremely disapointed, turns out i had 8x super sampling on meaning i was actually running the game reasonablly well at 4k, turing that off made my gpu usage around 30%, makeing me think this game can run on just about anything.
Now with all the pc port praise ive given it, the game did crash on me twice, for reasons i’m not really sure of, causing me to loose a decent bit of progress ( especially with the unsikppable cutscenes this game has ) thats just a word of caution so save regularly.
I’m super happy to see this game series come to pc with such a great port, and i look forward to playing Kiwami when it is released along with any other installments they choose to bring over 🙂