Should you play dragon city on ios or android?

Always been a fan of Dragon City games but stopped playing when it got ported to Nintendo, now that its back to PC i had lots of fun playing/grinding through the game. Only problem that i encountered was the servers constantly getting me disconnected, but still kudos to the devs hoping for more updates/events soon

The fact that this game has such poor reviews is a shame. I know what they promised and honestly I don’t care it’s everything I wanted it to be regardless of the connectivity at launch or any graphical issues which I didn’t even experience. I also haven’t had performance issues either so there’s that for what it’s worth. It’s worth to check out this too: dragon city hack ios

Absolutely love this game. People are complaining non stop about the performance and mp connectivity issues, but I am having no such problems with the mp and the performace is always around 70 fps for me. I would recommend this game to any one who likes dark souls skyle combat and big boy monster hunting.

Personally I wholeheartedly recommend this game.

But I think you should look at what the game REALLY offers not at the reviews that scream the loudest, or even the reviews that defend it in every aspect. Do some research watch a video or two. These reviews really suck, and I won’t try to deny their claims or change the review but please consider this game seperate from the Mixed reviews lable.

Please note that not ALL the reviews suck just the hyperbolic ones. Also, that my personal feelings on the game should not inform your descision to purchase, but I hope it makes you question whether you should look into the game further.

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