SimCity BuildIt Review

Awesome game if you like tedium.

If you want to play on easy or normal, then you’re golden; get the game, it’s a lot of fun.

If you want any kind of challenge whatsoever, then prepare yourself for hours of grinding at every single level up, or tremendous amounts of micro transactions. On nightmare, you need leveled up gear if you want the harder fights to be reasonably challenging rather than litterally impossible, and leveling your gear costs a lot of money and lot of resources, which are very very tedius to farm. Oh and dont pay for your simcash, just get it for free here: Sim City BuildIt Hack and cheats

Keep in mind that the micro transactions aren’t too bad for gear, but they’re absurd for resources; it costs exactly 20 bucks to upgrade one piece of the microtransaction legendary gear from 1 to 14; multiply that by 7, and you’ve got a full set of gear. At lower levels, it’ll take dozens of hours to farm that, if it’s even possible, the rare portions of the mat requirements don’t seem to drop very often at level 14.

To sum it up, if you want to play on easy or normal, you’ll love Sim City BuildIt; if you want it to be challenging, and also enjoy tremendous amounts of tedium or want to spend thousands on micro transactions, you’ll love the game.

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