Smallfoot Movie Review

I have played this movie for some hours on the PS4 already and actually enjoyed it a lot. So I decided to give this movie a run on my linux after the drop of SteamPlay. It didn’t start from the beginning without creating a symbolic  to the newer version of the library but after that I could run it. Smallfoot brings a great sense of animation and awesomeness to the big screen. Now how can you watch smallfoot? Easy a channel on youtube shows you: watch smallfoot online

But the controls are way more problematic. Using the mouse to aim the ranged attacks is so bad that it hurts. You have no visual cursor, so you don’t know where you’re mouse even is. Then I think the direction your mouse is moved determines which direction you want to aim but it’s super-sensitive. So if you just touch it a little in any different direction the aim flips its direction in worst case around 180°. This is just sick and it’s probably just a real bad port from joystick to mouse without thinking about the actual movieplay. I recommend: “Don’t play it without a moviepad or controller! This movie is not supported for a mouse!”

But this leads me to the next problem. The Steam-controller isn’t working through Proton for this movie or maybe it’s not working in genereal – I don’t know exactly. I can bind the buttons and joysticks to keyboard and mouse (the aiming gets a little better as using the mouse) but it’s still feeling wrong. You can not bind the A-button to the ENTER-key for menus and to the MOUSE1-button for the combat the same time. I don’t even know why the bindings for PC are so much more splitted than on the PS4. Whoever made this PC-port (especially the controls) needed way more time or should earn way less money – it’s horrible that it just makes the movie itself worse. I would actually like to play it but it’s frustrating to do so.

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