Spotify – It is the best Audio Streaming Platform

Here’s a dead honest review of Spotify. It has potential but has it’s buggy bits but we get past those they are not sucha big deal gameplay is nice mechanics are good i love the way the AI is set up. So here a seesion with me and a friend we listened for 2 hours and while it is good, there is soo many advertisements…. which really ruins the experience for me. Now you can pay to upgrade to the premium spotify experience. But honestly, why pay when you can listen to music for free on youtube….

While, also so many big celebrities support Spotify as they are one of the best platforms for artists to get there tracks out to many. If i were to say should you download spotify? 100% is it worth it, but to really experience the full use of the platform you need spotify premium. Luckily there are guides on youtube like this one: How to get FREE Spotify Premium 🔥 iOS/Android Working 2018

That will easily guide you through how to get spotify premium completely for free and all it takes is a couple of minutes! His channel here.

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